Car People Sharing What We Know

The auto industry is evolving. How vehicles are bought, sold and financed is also changing. One constant: the industry and its various markets continue to trust Canadian Black Book insight and its innovative delivery systems to make the right business decisions faster.

Established in the US in 1955, Black Book began with three Georgia businessmen pooling their notes on local auto auctions. These sessions became a weekly publication made available to other dealers.

In 1960, William (Bill) Ward brought the business to Canada and founded Canadian Black Book. Through the tireless efforts of Bill and his wife Betty, Canadian Black Book became the pre-eminent source of vehicle values in Canada.

Today, Canadian Black Book is a division of the Hearst Business Media Corporation. Our line-up of innovative products and services includes new and used vehicle value services, custom data licensing solutions, as well as lender origination and risk analysis.

In recent history, the rapid pace of industry change can be evidenced at the dealership level, where information access has forever transformed the way car-shoppers approach the buying process. As online and mobile technologies have reshaped the overall dealership business model, Canadian Black Book has remained a step ahead offering pioneering tools that enhance the customer experience while simultaneously generating the highest quality lead generation solutions for dealerships nationwide.

A Formula for Success

The formula for our shared success is simple, but never duplicated: Get under the industry’s hood to understand the forces that shape it. Attend more auctions than anyone else in the industry. Use the latest technology to gather additional data from online auctions, electronic feeds, and an ever increasing number of relevant sources. Have the industry‘s best editors analyze and add value to the data through insight driven by experience. And quickly get that data into the hands of the people who use it in the format they need it.

Consumers also benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry in Canada. Our website offers free valuation tools where new and used car shoppers can look up the value of their trade-in; the future value of the vehicle they are interested in; or the average asking price for a vehicle they intend to sell. With free shopping tools and over 170,000 vehicle listings, Canadian Black Book has the information buyers and sellers need to “Go In Smart”.

Data Driving Innovation Drives Results

Lenders use Canadian Black Book data to identify risk within their existing portfolios and act on opportunity. Industry insiders and third-party vendors license our data to evaluate trends. OEMs rely on our data and insight to fully engage more customers. Their dealerships subscribe to our data services to evaluate pricing and book vehicles. And retail locations leverage Canadian Black Book’s technology solutions to turn their websites, mobile sites and Facebook pages into the industry’s best lead-generating solution.

Canadian Black Book continues to evolve with meaningful innovation. Our custom applications and cutting-edge mobile applications provide insight that saves time, builds portfolios and facilitates sales. We are proud to be the definitive source for vehicle valuations in Canada for over 55 years. We are proud to be the unbiased resource for consumer valuations. We are Canadian Black Book.